20% Extra Internet on Mobily 150 Postpaid Package

Mobily has recently updated its 150 postpaid packages. Now you can get an extra of 20 percent internet data upon renewal and activation. This is just for postpaid mobily customers in Saudi Arabia only and the extra internet, you can not use it while roaming. However, I am gonna provide all the details for postpaid 150 mobily package, its activation, price, and related. So stay and keep reading…

Mobily 150 Postpaid Package Details

Now you can enjoy the internet the way you want. Because Mobily a top leading network provided gives more internet upon activate and renewal of the postpaid plans. But the price remains the same as SAR 150 per month. The internet usage allowed is 23 GB instead of 15 GB and more 5 GB free. The new line price is SAR 160 though (more mobily internet postpaid packages). Let me explain further how much internet and discount you can get.

As of today, this offer is valid for all postpaid users in Saudi Arabia. You can easily activate the packages by sending 150 in an SMS to 1100 without any charges, I mean SMS charges. The good thing can also have unlimited social media usage.

In short, you can use social media apps without any worries of data limitation on the mobily network in Saudi Arabia. These apps are Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, YouTube, and more. But the only thing to keep in mind that only existing customers can get the plan with such an offer and extra benefits.

Wait there are more benefits for you, they postpaid 150 packages are not just limited to extra internet. You can also get 2250 local minutes to all networks without any extra charges.

Such a perfect plan it is. One of the cool things about mobily postpaid 150 packages is, you can cancel anytime from anywhere in KSA. For cancellation, all you have to do is to send 0150 to 1100. Once you sent the message, in short, they will send you replay with cancellation confirmed. You need to cancel it if you wanna it more because it will renew automatically.

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