Abroad Dependents Iqama Renewal if the Head is in KSA

Good news by the GDP (The General Directorate of Passport) also knows as Saudi Jawazat. They mentioned if there a dependent abroad with expired Iqama. Thus the head of the family is in Saud Arabia. He can renew that person Iqama ID with ease in the great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

According to Saudi Dash Expatriates. They have found this piece of information on the JAwazat official Twitter page. Well, this is the user who asked them such a question they respond to his inquiry. However, it is now confirmed that as head of the family, you can renew Iqama of your family in KSA.

I will explain it this way, for example, one of your family members is not in KSA and his Iqama is getting or expired. Then as the head of your family, you can simply visit Jawazat near you or visit Absher online portal to renew his Iqama even if he is abroad.

This is such a great implementation by the great Kingdom of Saudi government. This is for nothing but for the ease of the public. However, this will also support the government financially somehow. If you don’t know the Iqama renewal procedure and its fees. Then you have come to the right place. Just search it via ExpatSA’s search bar to see the procedure.

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