Absher Services, Benefits and FAQs

The new Absher is one of the most popular online portals for e-Services online. Saudi Arabia made this easy to query electronic services online with ease. The portal is available to every single expatriate and Saudi citizen.

In this article, I am going to explore the new Absher online portal service, its benefits, and some frequently asked questions. For your information, it was called MOI Absher (Ministry of Interior).


The official MOI has been redirected to the new Absher portal. Before the web address for the portal was moi.gov.sa but now it’s only Absher.sa.

It was so easy before checking your iqama expiry date or any query with ease. But now you should register and activate on Asbher to avail of the services and benefits.

What is the meaning and origin of the word Absher?

The word Absher means providing and bringing useful news and information. It is an ancient word in the Arabic language, some people also describe the meaning as “Rejoice”. The new Absher online portal looks like the image below.

Major Absher Service

I even cannot explain each service here but we will explore some of the major ones. For your information, there are more than 170 e-services available right now on the portal. The service might increase from time to time. All registered users can avail of this service for free.

Most used Absher services all the time:

There are more like for example, legal cases follow-up, iqama funds, withdrawal iqama funds, and more. However, you can have look at these services after registering and account activation.

How the New Absher Portal Works

As I have mentioned earlier in this article, you must register yourself and activate your account to avail of the services and use Absher. Once done, you can visit the online Absher.sa, and log in to your account to your desired query. It could be many, for example, checking the iqama issue date and more.

Basically, all the information of an expatriate or citizen is stored in the Absher database. The information and categorized and save as per the user’s Iqama number or Iqama ID. Actually, when you do a query like for example iqama expiry and enter your iqama number the portal lets it page refresh and load up with your information as per your Iqama ID. So that is how the Absher online portal works.

Most Common Benefits of Absher

There are tons of benefits while having a fully activated Absher account. But the most common and major benefits are:

  • Registered users can easily log in and do their desired queries while unregistered users can.
  • They can open a bank in KSA with ease.
  • See and track iqama queries, expiry date, renewal, funds, and more.
  • Iqama services
  • Visa services and tracking
  • Traffic violations and related queries and many more.

How to Access and Use Absher

There are two ways you can access the online Absher portal. One is using your computer and the other is using a mobile phone actually a smartphone. You can simply type in Absher.sa in the browser search bar and hit Enter on your keyboard.

The other method of accessing Absher is to download and install the Abhser app on your smartphone.

To use the portal you must log in to your account and go to your dashboard. There you will find all the 170 plus e-Service. Explore each of them and see what is one you are required in the meantime. While on the Absher app just open the app then log in and you are good to go.

Absher FAQs

There might be tons of questions in your mind and other FAQs but I will try to answer most of them below. You can use our contact page or the comment section below to ask your desired one.

Can I register on Absher?

Yes, anyone who has a valid Iqama ID can register on Absher and get benefits from all the services available there.

Can I reset my Absher password?

In short, you can reset your password with ease. There on the login page just use the forgot password link and follow the onscreen instructions.

Can I withdraw my available funds on Absher?

People can easily withdraw if there are any funds available in their Absher account. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should use the same bank account you have used for adding the funds.

Can I contact Absher?

Every person in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can call Absher directly by dialing their phone number 920020405. However, find their contact page or social media page to contact them which is the best way I think.

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