Al Salam Park in Riyadh Saudi Arabia Fee and Location

Salam park in a great and beautiful park in Riyadh city of Saudi Arabia. It is a unique good looking and beautiful park in the city of Riyadh in KSA. It’s suitable for the type of personal, families, get together, individuals, etc. Thousands of people visit Al Salama park on a daily basis.

Al Salam Park Location and Fees

The park is full of freshness due it natural and good looking plants and grass. Such a perfect view of greenery and there is a lake too. Where people can enjoy boating, boat ride to fountains, and swimming in the lake water. The best part of the lake is, there is a sperate place for children and adults. Here is the Google Maps location of Al Salam Park in Riyadh KSA.

Now let’s talk about its entrance fees. Each person would pay SAR 5.25 per head while entering the park. However, you can stay there all day long and enjoy as many things you like. People can join and make their own dishes there because there is a place for such activities too. There is an unlimited place for you to do such activities in the grass.

The park has 300 trees in it where people can stay and enjoy under the shady areas and get the fresh air. There are Hillside places where you can enjoy the view of the Hills.

Oh, and this is to inform you that swimming is not allowed in the park’s lake. The boat ride fee is SAR 10 for one round. However, different types of boats are enjoying the lake view.

There are big balls like shaped things where you can get in and enjoy the lake. After all, it is a perfect area for a picnic, dinner, getting fresh, enjoy the outing with families, and much more.

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