Aramco in Saudi Arabia Increase Oil Prices

So we have other news for you. Saudi Aramco has increased the oil prices affected by 11th June 2020. This is only until 10th July 2020. The price list for all oil types is increased. This included Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosine, and LPG as well. However, check the price list given below.

Updated Price List in KSA by Saudi Aramco

These are the updated price list as per Saudi Aramco’s new oil price list in the Kingdom.

  • LPG Price is SAR 0.75 per liter.
  • Disel price is SAR 0.47 per liter.
  • The Gasoline price is SAR 1.08 per liter while the Gasoline 95 price is SAR 0.90 per liter from June 11th, 2020.
  • However, the Kerosene price is SAR 0.64.

Moreover the Saudi Aramco stated they are gonna keep changing the price while as per the export measures. Also, they will look at the international market trends and may change the price in the future if needed.

This is all as per the government of Saudi Arabia and oil export measures as well as international market trends. Well, their prices are not just hight as expected due to the current situation. As you can see the situation is worst and cannot be handled at least as of now.

Everywhere and each business is affected by the coronavirus pandemic. That is why I was thinking that this time they will increase the price as much as they can. But many thanks to the government of the great kingdom. The price are almost as these were before.

As soon as we hear some another update as per Sudi Aramco prices. We keep updating you guys here and that way you know all the price lists at one single place.

What do you think of the current pandemic and oil prices? Let us know in the comment or and via our contact page. If you have any questions in mind do let us know.

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