Fingerprint or Biometric Registration Procedure

All expatriates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia need biometric registration before it’s too late. It is important it will help you register in the Jawazat database and proof of your legal living in KSA. Moreover, there are several benefits and facilities you will avail of after fingerprint registration.

The benefits and facilities I am talking about are sim card registration, mobile purchase, and much more. For your information, the Saudi Jawazat has recently announced that expatriates should do biometric registration before it is too late. If you don’t know the procedure, follow the below simple procedure.

Biometric Registration Procedure

The procedure is very simple and easy, each Expat must need to visit the nearest Jawazt office then follow the below steps. Note that you can do the same for your family too.

  1. Visit any Jawazat office near you, while you visiting Jawazat please take dependent family members with you too. That way you won’t need to visit again and again for the same thing.
  2. Take all the important documents with you, like Iqama, passport, etc.
  3. Right when you enter the office ask anyone there if you wanna biometric registration.
  4. They will tell and show the exact building for doing so. Everything will be accordingly and registered the data must be entered into the Saudi Electronic System.
  5. Once every process has been successful, ask them to leave and that is it.

Remember when you are not registered in the GDP, you cannot avail of several benefits. For example, living in the Kingdom is illegal and the police can get you in jail and send you back to your home country.

You can register a new sim card. You cannot order or import goods from other countries to Saudi Arabia. There must be no issue while renewing a visit visa or checking your iqama color online.

If you want to know more about fingerprint or biometric registration, visit the nearest Jawzat office or their website If still there any confusion, feel free to ask me down below.

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