Careem & Uber Resuming Ride Services in KSA

This is a piece of new good news we are listening to in Saudi Arabia. Now the taxi services like Careem and Uber are gonna resume their rid services in Saudi Arabia in the non-curfew hours. However, they will take care of all the considerations of safety measures while doing their jobs.

This is a piece of very good news for all job holders in Saudi Arabia. Especially taxi drivers who earn and living a happy life because of Careem and Uber. Back in March, the big taxi services by Uber and Careen were suspended due to coronavirus impact. Now that the MOI Ministry of Interior announced that curfew hours are open from 9 AM to 4 PM in the evening.

They are about to start their ride services from the 26th of April in 2020. As of now, they have already started their service. So whenever you are ready to get somewhere in the Kingdom and need a taxi service. Careem and Uber will be always their of you from 9 AM to 4 PM.

As of today Uber and Careem has already been informed their applicants or your can taxi drivers, so that they can request a ride anywhere but not Makkah. Because their is completely lockdown in the Makkah city. They are taking every reaction in order to save lives and stop the pandemic coronavirus.

They have also let people know that they should follow all the safety measures. Because their still pandemic and you need to take care a lot. Themselves will take all safety tools with them I mean the Uber and Careem taxi drivers. Read also Coronavirus Spitter Huge Penalty in Saudi Arabia.

They mentioned that you should give the driver and yourself space while setting in the backseat. You should cover your mouth with something that cant spread the pandemic coronavirus. So taking all the health by government thanks God that Uber and Careem are there to ride us if we need some help.

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