How to Change Mobile Number in New Absher 2023

Learn how to change email and your phone number in the Absher online in KSA. The MOI (Ministry of Interior) is now officially Absher. If you have already created an account on the new Absher you can change your number whenever you want. There are lots of benefits to having an Absher account. Anyhow in here, I will show you the complete procedure of changing the mobile phone number in the new Absher online portal.

Change Mobile Number or Email ID in the New Absher

Before updating your phone number in the new Absher. Make sure to have a valid and active phone number. Because you will get a verification code to confirm your phone number. However, there are two easy methods available. You can follow the one easy for you. However, I will show you both of these two methods in order to replace your old phone number with a new one online.

Through Absher Online Portal

In order to follow this method, make sure to have an active MOI account. Now please follow these steps: Visit or click here to get there. If you don’t understand Arabic then change the language to English by clicking the English button at the top. Click the little drop-down arrow and then User Information. Click the Edit button. Enter your new phone number or email ID. Click on Save once you have done with everything. The page will reload and you will see a message that “Your account information has been successfully updated”.

Remember you will be asked to enter the verification code you have just received via SMS from Absher. Enter the code and then the image code and then click Save, and done.

Click user information then Edit
Click user information then Edit
Click save after adding your phone number
Click save after adding your phone number

Using Self Service Machine (KIOSK)

There are lots of self-service machines called KIOSK in KSA. In order to change your email ID or phone number, you will have to locate one and then follow these simple steps:

Once you locate a KOISK self-service machine, choose your preferred language either English or Arabic. Enter your valid iqama number. Select the Update Phone Number option. Upon verification put your fingers on the scanner and repeat the process if asked by the machine again. Now you have to Enter your new Phone number, once you have entered it. You will get a confirmation text on your mobile. Enter the verification/confirmation text in the machine, and you are good to go.

So that is exactly how you can update your email Id or mobile phone number in the new online portal. Please share this article with your friends to help them too. Read More: Tawakkalna app registration without Absher.

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