Check Saudi Work Visa Status Online

There are thousands of expatriates applying for a Saudi work visa. It takes more than 2 months for the process to get valid approval for the visa. Once you, your agent, or your agency the required documents to the Saudi embassy. Then you can easily check the status for it.

MOFA is a unique web portal in the Kingdom that offers Enjazit. We can use this portal for the query of checking a visa status with ease. Today I am gonna show you the really easy procedure with pictures of it.

How to check Saudi Work Visa Status Online

Upon the submission of your documents. I mean all of your documents submitted to the Saudi embassy. You, your agent, or the agency through you are getting the visa. They will provide you with an E-number. You can ask for the E-E-number yourself. Read Exit Re-Entry Visa New Fee and Rules in KSA.

There are two easy methods for doing so. As I mentioned you may get the E-number also knows visa application number or electronic number. However, the other procedure is checking the status of your visa via passport number. Don’t worry I am gonna show both of these methods here below. Read New Saudi Visit Visa Terms and Requirements 2023.

Verify or Check Visa Status via Enjazit

Now that you have your E number and you wanna check the status of your work or trade visa. Also if you wanna verify the profession, company, and other details this is the same procedure for everything. To check visa status or verification:

  1. Visit Enjazit.
  2. Select English on top if you don’t understand Arabic.
  3. Select Issued Visa by Application Number or Applied Application.
  4. Then enter the E number.
  5. Now enter the passport number.
  6. Type in the captcha code and hit the Search button.
Verify or Check Visa Status via Enjazit
Verify or Check Visa Status via Enjazit

That is it, the Enjzait page will reload and you will see your picture, profession, company details or Kafeel details, etc. This is an easy procedure for those who wanna verify their visa online however for the application number follow the below steps.

How to find a Saudi visa application number online

If you don’t have anything and your agent or agency has applied for the visa. Then you can check whether it’s real or fake. That is where the MOFA Enjazit service becomes handy. Now to find the application data:

  1. Visa Mofa Enjazit.
  2. Enter the passport number then your Current Nationality.
  3. Now select visa type as Work etc.
  4. Select Visa Issuing Authority “Your current Consulate City”.
  5. Enter the image captcha code then hit the Search button.
How to find Saudi visa application number online
How to find a Saudi visa application number online

That is all it, now let the page reload and you will see the required application data. However, In case of any error, the check especially visa issuing authority, visa type, current nationality, and passport number.

Even after that you still see any errors, then it is that the agent or agency is fake. Though will take your money away. So keep tracking the results each day if possible and stay safe. For more info comment or contact me.

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