Steps to Check Your STC Number Without Balance KSA

STC is one of my favorite telecom services provider in KSA. Because it has dozens of packages, for prepaid and postpaid users. Their network is strong anywhere in the Kingdom. One of the annoying things is you must top up your STC mobile balance once in 90 days. So each user does recharge their STC line with routine.

However, sometimes anything could happen. Due to that, you may not be able to recharge your line, and someone may ask you what’s your number. You can find your number with a simple USSD code. However, if you need a balance, you can get STC emergency credit or a loan.

Check Your STC Number Without Balance

If you don’t remember you can simply find, check or know it. Don’t worry the procedure to find your STC mobile number is very easy, and you can do it without any balance. In short, you don’t need to recharge your STC line to know your sim card number. Here is how to check your STC sim card number without balance:

Open your dial-pad and dial this code *150# and press the call button. After a second you will see your STC number. Simply note it and that is it. Another way to find your number is to send a free please call me back SMS to another STC user. Once they call you, ask them to tell you your number.

There are some other useful USSD codes that may help in the future. To check your STC balance dial *166#, for remaining data send a blank message to 2220 or call 900. To recharge or top-up your Sawa balance then dial *155*hidden voucher number*Iqama ID number# and press the call button. Moreover, there is an easy way to transfer your Sawa balance.

Wait, if you want to know how many STC sim cards are registered under your Iqama ID. Then follow this procedure: Go to the Message app on your device and compose a new message then write 9988 and send it to 902. In a minute you will receive a message containing all your STC Sawa numbers registered under your IQama ID. Moreover, to find your STC Jawwy sim number, here is the procedure with a step-by-step guide. For more info visit STC’s official website.

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