Curfew in Jeddah Has Already Started

Well, another news for every person in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Now you cannot get out of your home without government orders. Because there is curfew ahead. The curfew in Jeddah is starting from this month March 29th, at 3 PM in the day.

Jeddah Curfew Due to COVID-19

The great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently announced some news. They mentioned that there is a curfew ahead in the Jeddah city. It is starting on March 29th at 3 PM in the day. Each single in and out, I am an entries exits will shut down. Read Saudi Suspended The Work for 15 Days.

Do you have any idea why the government is taking such steps? Because they are worried about you, they wanna cure you. Though stopping from the coronavirus infection. Trust me guys there is nothing to worry about. This decision is all for our better future.

The Jeddah city is the only place, there is no lockdown, etc held. Thus the government wants to include this city also and make its mind clear on the protection against coronavirus. This will have the greatest impact on stopping the spread of the COVID-19.

Thanks to the government they are fighting against the coronavirus. They have implemented each precaution they think is better for public health. Thus there is a very small number of people who are infected in the Jeddah city. Yet the government is gonna take care of those and stop the spread across the Kingdom.

According to the government and as per my personal point of view. This will have a great impact on the protection of the public in Jeddah city. Believe me, guys we all need to cooperate in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus together. Read

Each place in the Jeddah city will be shut down and there must be no entries and exits. Please cooperate with Kingdom to fight this combat together. As the Kingdom is already taking action for the protection of the public.

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