Exit Re-Entry Visa New Fee and Rules in KSA

The Ministry of Interior also knows MOI Absher has an update for expatriates in KSA. They have published on their official web portal that for Expatriates in KSA and for dependents the fee for an exit re-entry visa is non-refundable.

Because they are earning money in Saudi Arabia doing hard work, working daily under their strict sponsors and companies. That is why we wanted to help and update all of them so that they can take care of paying the fee for an exit re-entry visa.

Exit Re Entry Visa Fee and Rules

The fee for the exit re-entry visa is just SAR 200 for 2 or less than 2 months. If you are trying to get the visa for more than 2 months then for each month there is a fee of SAR 100.

The MOI (Ministry of Interior) mentioned that an exit re-entry visa is if an Expat pays for himself or the dependent. They can only withdraw the fee within a duration of three business days. This is the latest news all Expatriates in Saudi Arabia must have. However, there are some terms and conditions as follows:

  • The exit re-entry visa must be used within the given duration of three months. If you don’t you lose it. You can extend it and can’t do anything. So take care of it and use it.
  • There is no fine when you cancel the exit re-entry visa within 3 days after the printout.
  • You need to make sure that each piece of information on the visa is correct. It not then the visa is useless.
  • Let’s say you are holding the visa and your family members are traveling with you. They must be mentioned in the passport.
  • After the given time, if you don’t use the visa, you can refund the funds from MOI and cancel to get your paid fee back.
  • Only the sponsor can extend the visa via MOFA.

Other than the above the passport you are applying for a visa must be valid for 6 months. If it is not then you cannot issue or get a visa for yourself. While selecting the return date, ensure that you select it to date as before 7 days of the visa expiry and your Iqama expiry date to avoid fines.

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