Expat Levy Exemption for 3 Months

SAMA is now supporting the private sectors. I am gonna explain how and why. They have recently provided a 50 billion Saudi Riyals for the help of the public sector. This is including Banking, financial services, and each small and medium companies.

Saudi Expat Levy Exemption for 3 Months

As per a report reported in Arab News that the SAMA has announced the 70 billion SAR for the public sectors. This is to clear all the dues including the those expatriates whos iqama are expired and about to expire.

They just wanted to help to bring peace and transparency in the public. As there is a huge impact on these sectors. As they are not working that way and now the government shut down the work for 14 days.

From now on until the very end of June 2020, this is an ongoing process and each expired iqama will be renewed within the time for 3 months. So that the workers can stay longer and earn what they have come for.

Those workers who applied for a work visa, they can now refund their fund from the Absher. Because there is still a ban entry and exit from the Kingdom. Even if there is a visa stamp on the passport can now be extended for three months without any charge.

Remember this is for those employees who are about leaving yet they can’t because of the ban. So their visa will be extended for three months. Yet this great news for the both companies and expatriates working in these companies.

Both the company will have their workers who are about to leave. Though the workers will have a company to work in for more three months without any charge and iqama fees held on expatriates.

The other Good news are that this is not just for expatriates workers but each and every person in the Kingdom including business owners. So stay safe and happy, that is all I can say.

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