Expats Needs to Pay Family Fee in Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Al Jadaan Saudi Finance Minister clarifies it. That they have no such intention to amend the family fees fixed on expatriates in KSA. However, the Saudi government is about to review the changes and may apply with fixed tax.

Saudi Finance Minister said that we don’t have don’t such an aim to amend the fixed amount of tax with dependent fees for now. But if the changes made then they must pay it no matter what. Moreover, if the changes made they will announce it immediately without any hassles.

Dependent & Family Fees

There were some rumors around the world that KSA revenue is effected by Aramco’s share, but it not. The Saudi Finance Minister made it clear. Saudi Arabia is still getting 98% of its profit revenue. Anyways let explore the latest fees structure on expatriates I mean the dependent fee and family fees. Read Saudi Arabia Launched New Green Taxi.

Back in July 2017 Saudi implemented the fees on expatriates families. However, it is still the same fees and changing changed yet. It is mentioned below:

  • From the first July 2017, the fees were SAR 100 only.
  • Now back in 2018, the fee was SAR 200.
  • The last year 2019 the fees were SAR 300.
  • However, in the current year 2020, the fees are SAR 400 per head in the Kingdom of Expats families.
  • In the future I mean 2021 the fee will SAR 500 which hard to pay and most of the Expat families may leave the Kingdom.

For a business owner, it might equal to nothing but the laborers and other workers who have less salary. They may not tolerate it and may send their families back to their home countries. Also for expatriates, there are fixed Tax of VAT 5% on almost all products. Companies are not increasing salaries I don’t know expatriates with fewer salaries will survive this impact.

If they do this year then what about the next year after next year. The fees are steadily increasing and the last stop the Expatriates families is the home country. That is all we can say for now.

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