How to Renew Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

So lots of expatriates bring their families to Saudi on a visit visa. No matter if you are a laborer, a doctor, an Engineer, etc, you can apply for a visit visa online. However, the validity of your family visit visa might be up to thirty days. But don’t worry you can extend it for more days (up to 5 times an extension is allowed).

In Saudi Arabia, you can extend your spouse’s visa up to 180 days. However, you can the stamp on that visit visa, if the stamp is for 90 days you can easily extend it for more than 90 days.

How to Extend Visit Visa in KSA?

It is important to renew your or your family’s visit visa 1-week earlier before the expiry date. However, there are two options available for expatriates for renewal, online, and manual options. Don’t worry I am going to show you both these options below.

How to Extend or Renew Visit Visa Online

To easily extend your or your family’s visit visa online. There are a few requirements, you need to make and activate a new Absher account first. If you have one, then skip MOI registration. Now please follow the below steps.

  1. Login to your Absher account.
  2. Under Family Members, click Services.
  3. Click Extend Visit Visa > Proceed.
  4. Now Click Extend Visa and Agree to the terms.
  5. Click the Extend Visa button to confirm.

So that is how you can easily renew or extend your or your family’s visit visa online through MOI Absher. For manual extension follow the procedure.

How to Extend Visit Visa Manually

The following are the required documents for the visit visa renewal of your family or yourself. Remember to skip (family options)all the steps whether you want the extend the visa for yourself.

  • Your and your family’s passport along with a color photocopy
  • Valid Iqama copy of yours and your family along with two photocopies
  • Passport-size photos with white background
  • SAR 100 in your pocket

Now that you have all the required documents please follow the steps.

  1. Visit the nearest Jawazat office
  2. Ask the people to pay the online payment of SAR 100 via online banking (they will need an extra 20 SAR from you)
  3. Also, ask them to fill up the form they will provide you with the visa extension form
  4. Now submit the form to the JAwazat office counter
  5. You will get a Token or Ticket so that you can track your visit renewal process whether complete or not. Here is to track your Token online.

Please Don’t Overstay

Please note that don’t let yourself or your family overstay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you do overstay, then there are penalties of SAR 25000. It is safe to leave the KSA before 2 or 4 days.

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