Friendi 3 Months Internet Packages KSA [2021]

Friendi (by Virgin mobile in Saudi Arabia) has recently updated its internet packages. There are some new plans with enough data, extra validity and are at affordable prices. Today, we are going to show you the best of their 3 months internet data packages with activation code, price list, and avlidity. You can check these three-month packages via their official Friendi Mobile KSA app and activate any of them on the go. However, I will show the complete overview below. So please stay here and keep reading…

Friendi Internet Packages 3 Months

You can choose from four (4) different three months plans on Friendi Mobile in Saudi Arabia. Starting from 10GB, 20GB, 50GB, and 100GB is available at affordable prices on the network. Here are the complete details:

10GB Package | SAR 110 | Validity 90 Days

Get 10GB of internet data package valid for 90 days (three months). The price of the 10GB package is SAR 110.00. You will get ultra-fast 4G/LTE network speed in the Kingdom. To subscribe to the 3-month pack for SAR 110.00 with 10GB data, dial *108# and press the call button. You can also the official Friendi Mobile KSA application to activate the package. However, you can check the remaining data usage easily via the app or this code *102#.

20GB Package | SAR 189 | Validity 90 Days

Enjoy more data 20GB for only SAR 189.00 valid for 90 days on Friendi network. Dial *108# to activate the package or use the official Friendi Mobile KSA app, which is available for Android and iOS devices. VAT is applied at the same time you top up the package.

50GB Package | SAR 260 | Validity 90 Days

As of now, there is an ongoing offer for this package. You can get 50GB+25GB free for 90 days for only SAR 260.00. Simply dial *108# and tap the call button to subscribe to the 50GB package with 25GB free data. Keep in mind that once the offer expired, you will get only 50GB, not 25GB which is, of course, the promotion feature.

100GB Package | SAR 330 | Validity 90 Days

If you need more data, this package is for you. For SAR 330 for 90 days, you can subscribe to the 100GB package with 50GB free data. Use the official Friendi Mobile KSA application or dial *108# and press the call button to subscribe to the 100GB package for 3 months.

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