Friendi Daily, Weekly & Monthly Unlimited Call Plans

Friendi is the best telecom services provider in Saudi Arabia and offers lots of plans. These offers include internet, call and SMS, and international minutes. However, they also give unlimited call packages to Friendi numbers. For your information, Friendi has now owned the best telecom provider Virgin KSA.

Friendi to Friendi Unlimited Call Packages

There are totally three plans available at this time. Thus you can enjoy these free unlimited calls for 1 day, a week, and 1 month. I will show these packages’ prices with other details like activation codes, how to deactivate these packs, validity, and much more. So let gets started…

Daily Unlimited Call Package

For a very low price of SAR 1.50 per day, enjoy unlimited calls to all Friendi numbers. To subscribe to the daily unlimited call package for 1 day for SAR 1.50, dial *117# and press the call button. You can also their official Friendi Mobile application to subscribe to the package. While to cancel the subscription from the daily plan, call 102 or use their app.

Weekly Unlimited Call Package

Get an unlimited call pack weekly for SAR 7 for all Friendi and Virgin numbers. After the activation, the package is valid for 7 days only. The code to activate the package is *117#. It will automatically be deactivated. If you want to reactivate it again dial *117# and follow the onscreen instructions.

Monthly Unlimited Call Package

Enjoy unlimited calls monthly for SAR 25.00 for all Friendi and Virgin numbers. Once you activate the package by dialing *117#. It will valid for 30 days only. However, It will automatically be canceled after 30 days. For easy reactivation dial *117# and press the call button then follow the instructions on your phone screen.

However, keep checking your mobile balance on the Friendi network anytime. Thus if you are running out of balance then try to get to recharge your line. Then get any of the above packs best for your usage. For more information dial 102 or their official Friendi mobile app.

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