Friendi Latest Combo Bundles (All in One Packs) KSA

Friendi (a Virgin network) now offer their best all-in-once packages for their valued customers in Saudi Arabia. They named the pack Combo Packages. Below are outstanding offers for “Value for Money” users. These plans included calls, minutes, and internet data for online activities. Today, I am going to show you these combo bundles with all details, e.g codes, etc. So let’s have a look…

Friendi Combo Bundles

The combo packages by Friendi are the last value-for-money pack with data and local minutes to all networks. There are a total of 5 different packs for the weekly and monthly duration. However, the offer gives enough data and minutes with enough duration at a reasonable price.

PriceLocal Minutes to all networksDataDuration
17 SAR 100 minutes 750MB Two weeks
43 SAR 250 minutes 3GB 1 month
70 SAR 500 minutes 10GB+2GB 1 month
90 SAR 900 minutes 9GB+6GB 1 month
110 SAR 1000 minutes 25GB+5GB 1 month
New Friendi KSA Combo Packages
New Friendi KSA Combo Packages

14 Days Combo Pack

For two weeks or 14 days, you can activate the combo pack with 100 free minutes to all networks and 750MB of data for only SAR 17. Use the official Virgin Mobile App for this 14-day Friendi pack or dial code *112# and press the call button. Remember the VAT will be applied at the time you activate the package.

The above package is useful for those customers who don’t use data and minutes at all. However, if you need more data and more minutes get in touch with friends and family members in the Kingdom. Then you should go for the 30 days packages (details are available below).

30 Days (1 month) Combo Pack

If you want a long-term duration with Friendi minutes and internet data. Then go for their 30 days plan. In the 30 days pack, you will get 250 minutes to all networks in KSA and 3GB of internet data. To subscriebt4 dial *112# and tap the call button. However, you can so the Virgin Mobile KSA app for an easy subscription.

Monthly Packages with Bonus Data

There are three plans you can have bonus data with. 1, for SAR 70, get 500 minutes to all networks in KSA, 10GB+2GB bonus data for 30 days. 2, Get 900 minutes (all networks) with 9GB+6GB bonus data for SAR 90 for 30 days. 3, get 25GB+5GB data with 1000 minutes (to all networks) for 30 days for only SAR 110.

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