Gathering of Shoppers or Workers is a Penalty in KSA

MOI announcement makes it clear that you cannot be a part of a gathering inside or outside of shoppers. This is to consider as a penalty as per the precautionary measure of COVID-19 in KSA. The news is for both shoppers and workers to not get together inside or outside of the shops. As this is a penalty and you are violating the rules of precautionary measure of the corona safety rules.

Another Penalty Announcements by MOI

They clarify that each responsible and owner of the shop will be fine for SAR 5000. This is in case if someone breaks the rule and exceeds the number of allowed personal inside or outside of the shop.

The penalty can be increased for the number of increasing attempts of the penalty up to SAR 100,000, 5000 each. Moreover, if you repeat the same violation, I mean a gathering of workers or shoppers in or outside of the shop. Then the penalty is double as SAR 10,000 each.

However, the same penalty rules apply for the owner and the responsibility of the shop too. So both of them need to be very careful these days. This is a precautionary measure and anyone who breaks these measures can get a permanent ban as well as fine.

Anyone who repeats the same violation for the 3rd time. Then the penalty is double means 30,000 for the owner, for the worker and for the shoppers as well. So its good to consider these precautions as the reasonability and take good care to not let people get together inside or outside your shop.

For the shopkeepers in the private sectors. If any shop gets a penalty then you will need to close your shop for 3 months for the 1st time. However, for the 2nd time you will need to close 6 months and for the 3rd time 9 months facility ban in Saudi Arabia. So keep all these things in mind and take very good care of everything.

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