Get a Ban by Violating Corona Safety Measures in KSA

As per the official announced by MOI. Any Expatriate who violates coronavirus precautionary and safety measures will be deported from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thus as an Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia, you should take care a lot.

Precautionary Measure by MOI in KSA

There is a recent strict announcement by the Ministry of Interior in Sudi Arabia. They mentioned that anyone who violates coronavirus precautionary and safety measures will be shorty deported from Saudi Arabia.

There is also a fine fo SAR 1000 for the first time violation precautionary measure. But if anyone repeats the some and other violation again. Then fine is double as SAR 2000. Thus the deportation ban is permanent so, you cannot return to Saudi Arabi for a lifetime.

However, before the deportation, you need to pay the fine of SAR 1000. Here are the details of the precautionary measures:

Anyone who is not using nose and mouth mask, if it is medical or cloth. Then its a violation and you will need to pay the fine of SAR 1000 before they send you to the airport.

You should follow the strict commitment to keeping a social distance from each other. If you don’t this is a violation of the precautionary measure with a fine SAR 1000.

The other one, if someone from the hospital or any other authority wanna check your template and you have stopped them from measuring it. Then it is considered a violation and there is a fine of SAR 1000 on it. Once you repeat then you will need to pay the double fine.

You should comply with all the precautionary and safety measurements to help stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you don’t then have a look at the above details. Read also: 26 Nepalis workers cases in Saudi Arabia.

As an expatriate, you need to take care a lot because they don’t care how much did you pay to get the visa and working in Saudi Arabia. But yet they are worried about your and the other public health. So take care a lot and follow the precautionary measures.

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