Health Insurance is Mandatory for Umrah Pilgrims – KSA

In a very recent announcement by the Hajj and Umrah Minister in KSA, that medical insurance is mandatory for everyone. So, they have implemented that each person coming for Umrah and Hajj must have valid medical insurance.

Minister of Hajj in Saudi Arabia and Tawuniya Chairman signed the agreement to provide medical insurance or Umrah and Hajj visitors. Soon they will implement this and each person who is coming to do an Umrah and Hajj must have valid insurance.

The Saudi minister of Umran and Hajj told us that they are about to provide better services and facilities to each one. From the very time people arrive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the government will provide each service related to medical to them. They will get these services until the very last day before they left the KSA.

A very general reason behind this is they are implementing better experiences for people coming to KSA for Hajj and Umrah. It is also a step to Saudi Vision 2030. Medical health insurance is a step toward a better future and Hajj.

The amount of fee for the Umrah visa and medical insurance is just SAR 189 per head. Though the Umrah visa will cost SAR 300. However, the services will be provided through insurance companies. The validation of the insurance expiry is just 30 days.

You will be facilitated to provide you better services in terms of health and medical treatment, ambulance services, it covers traffic accidents and much more. You will be pleased to know that it also covers the flight and luggage delay.

From now on, you don’t need to worry about anything related to your health and accidents. The government will take care of everything in terms of your medical requirements. Imagin what? you can get up to SAR 100,000 treatment per head in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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