How to Activate STC VoWi-Fi for Free Calls Over WiFi

STC in Saudi Arabia has recently introduced VoWi-Fi for all prepaid and postpaid users. The service lets you call each other over VoWi-fo for Free. Simply connect to any Wi-Fi network and talk over the VoWi-Fi STC service for free of cost.

The short form of the service is VoW-Fi, its abbreviation is Voice over Wi-Fi. It is a free service by STC (Saudi Telecom Company) in Saudi Arabia. It is available and open to all STC users including prepaid and postpaid. Moreover, you can use the service to connect to the Wi-Fi network and then call your family and friends STC numbers for free.

Are you eligible for the STC VoWi-Fi?

Yes, you are eligible for the STC VoWi-Fi service if you met the following requirements. These requirements are:

All smartphones and devices with VoWi-Fi features. The devices with Valid VoLTE service. Has a Wi-Fi connection in your phone. Ensure to have VoWi-Fi on the phone screen.

Activate VoWi-Fi service

You can easily activate the VoWi-Fi service on your smartphone using this method: First of all, go to the settings app on your device, then turn on Wi-Fi calling. After that go to the Wireless network, then the Mobile network, and tap to enable Wi-Fi calling. That is it, enjoy the best, free, and fast calls on your STC line.

STC’s Terms and Conditions for VoWi-Fi

There are some terms and conditions by STC for the service. Note that you can not use the service while Roaming, or if there is an activated roaming package on your number. You can enjoy calls locally. However, you cannot call international numbers using the service. Thus calling all STC numbers and non-STC numbers is fine. Remember the minutes are based on your current STC balance. There are no extra charges for the service, thus PAYG rates apply after you consume the available minutes based on your balance.

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