How to Add International Beneficiary in STC Pay

STC Pay in Saudi Arabia is a quick service to transfer money back home. You can transfer a maximum amount of SAR 20,000 and a minimum amount of SAR 40 monthly limit. However, the limit renews each month automatically. Before you initiate the transfer, it is mandatory to add a local or international beneficiary to the STC Pay. Does not matter if you are about to add an international bank or local bank account. You must add one before you send the money. If you don’t know the procedure, follow the steps:

Add International Beneficiary in STC Pay

In order to transfer the money/account balance internationally, you will need to add beneficiary details first. You may add a Western Union Cash Pickup or Add international bank account details. The choice is yours, but I am going to show the quick and easy procedure for doing so in the STC Pay app. Here is how to add one:

  1. Open the STC Pay app then tap “International Transfer”.
  2. Now tap the “Add new recipient” option.
  3. Enter the Full Name of the Beneficiary.
  4. Select the Relationship, then Country e.g Pakistan, India, etc.
  5. Tap the Delivery option and select “Transfer to a bank account” then Preferred Currency. Now tap the Continue button.
  6. After that Add a Bank Name, Account/IBAN number, and Purpose of Remittance, then tap Continue.
  7. You will get a verification code on your phone number, enter to verify adding the beneficiary.
  8. Now you will see a Thank You message that “The beneficiary has been added to your list, now you can transfer money to them anywhere easily”.

As you can see the procedure for doing so is very simple. Make sure, don’t do any mistakes in the typo. Otherwise, you won’t be able to add beneficiaries with success. If you cannot add one, then check the name spelling and account details you have entered. If there is no mistake and you are unable to do so, then contact STC Pay Support.

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