How to Cancel STC Internet & Landline Connection

STC is of course an amazing telecom services provider, in terms of data connections, reliability, and call services, etc. However, activating your landline, internet connection, postpaid sim card, or prepaid sim card is easy. Though if you wanna cancel it then there are troubles you are going to face. Don’t worry, after reading this article, you will cancel your landline or internet connection or any service with ease. So, let’s get into the procedure for doing so…

Did Something Go Wrong STC Service Cancellation Process?

Canceling your STC landline or internet connection is the worst process ever. They don’t care if you haven’t used a single MB of their internet connection, and that you have completed the process and canceled their service. Still, you may get those annoying bills at the end of the month.

Don’t worry you are not alone in this situation. Every user who wants to cancel the STC landline is gonna face the same issue. Even after the cancellation of the service, when you visit eh nearest STC office, and let them know you haven’t used their data connection but getting bills. They will ask for the due fee to completely disconnect your service. Unless you follow the exact process mentioned below. Now the question is, how you avoid such bills? Let me show you that very quickly.

An Overview of the Contract You Have Signed with STC

Obviously, who is going to remember those long paragraphs of the contracts while joining STC in Saudi Arabia? You don’t remember the contract you signed while joining STC or activating your internet connection right? Yes of course. Before we go through the cancellation process, let me show you a quick overview of that contract, you have agreed to the following:

  • The landline and internet connection is for a whole (not months) and you are eligible to pay the fee each month for 12 months.
  • You have agreed that you cannot close your connection before the end of the contract period (12 months).
  • If you wanna terminate your line, then you will need a fee of SAR 399.00 (which is of course a fine).
  • You will need to pay the due and the fine of SAR 399 before STC terminates your line permanently. And there are more…

How to Cancel STC Internet and Landline Connection

A user (You) has signed a contract for 12 months (1 year) and is subject to renewing the dues at the end of each month. However, if you wanna cancel the service then you will need a fine of SAR 399 and all your due bills to terminate your service. Here is the quick process to cancel your line:

Don’t call the STC helpline, visit the nearest branch and request them you are going to cancel your landline or internet connection. They will check and let you know the due bills and a fine of SAR 399. Once paid, they’ll terminate your connection. Don’t forget to get a print of your cancellation request from the customer care representative in the STC office. You can also pay your bills via STC Pay.

Printing a service termination form is important. This is to avoid getting bills at the end of the month after you have cancellated the connection. In short, this will be proof that you have paid the due bills, and fine, and has successfully terminated the service. So that they won’t charge you in the future.

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  1. Monirul Islam says

    How to My stc landline cancel please help me

    1. shams says

      Please follow the instruction in the article to do it.

    2. Altaf Hussain says

      Cancel wifi

  2. Nissi says

    I want to cancel my working visa to get a new one visa here in kuwait but still have fresh contract of stc can i have my smooth final exit?
    I have my new onhand contract but need to take the exit bcuz of cancel visa. I dnt have overdue and unpaid bills. I only go to my country to take medical and wait for my new visa to comeback again.

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