How To Cancel STC PAY Transfer [2023]

STC Pay is the most reliable way to send money back home in seconds. So, they have made it easy to transfer an amount from Saudi Arabia to your home country. It was never that easy before. However, if you have recently transferred an amount via the STC Pay app and wanna cancel it. You can do it but within a minute or two. I know you don’t the procedure to cancel a live transaction in the STC-PAY app. I will show you that step by step so that you can quickly cancel any transaction or transfer right away.

How To Cancel STC PAY Transfer

The process to cancel your already-made transaction in the STC-Pay is very easy. Please follow these steps to do so: Open the STC PAY app and go to International transactions then the Transfer section at the top. Tap the Receipt button under any Transaction. Now scroll down to the bottom of the receipt page and tap the Cancel Transfer option. You will be asked to confirm canceling the transfer, simply tap the YES option to confirm. You will see a message on your screen that “Transfer Cancelled Successfully”, tap Done and you are good to go.

Note the full amount of the transfer with charges will be refunded to your main account balance. Don’t worry there are no charges while you cancel the transfer, there is no fee. To check your account balance, go back to your home screen on the STC PAY App.

Please keep in mind that, if you don’t see the Cancel Transfer option at the bottom of the receipt page of a transaction. Then consider that the transfer is irreversible. In short, once the option disappeared, then you cannot cancel. So make to do so right after a few seconds or minutes of the transaction. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do so.

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