How to Check FRiENDi Balance via Code

Friendi Mobile in Saudi Arabia offers a comfortable service to all its customers. However, while on the Friendi network, there are USSD codes you need to remember in order to do several things. For example, keep checking your mobile balance and remaining internet data usage, and much more. In this article, I will show you how to track or check your balance on the Friendi network in KSA and also how to track your remaining internet MB data usage. So let’s get started…

FRiENDi Balance Check Code

Sometimes, upon rechange or activating an internet or other call packages. You will need to check your balance in order to do so. Thus you will know if your balance is enough to avail of such services or not. Also, it’s important to check it, because sometimes the network provider uses some of your balance for services you don’t know about.

Anyways, check your Friendi mobile balance via USSD code. Dial *102# through the dial pad and tap the call button. In a second or two, you will see a popup message display in your current balance or bonus one with validity. You can dial the same code to check your internet MB data.

Moreover, you can also download and install the Friendi Mobile application. Once you do that, log in with your phone number, and each time you wanna check your balance, just the Friendi mobile app and you will see the remaining balance in the Dashboard.

However, sometimes the service may not available to you because of service issues. In such a case, you will need to dial 166000 from the Friendi mobile number. This is 166000 their customer care number and you can explain to them your desired problem in terms of checking your balance and internet data. Though the above code always works like a charm.

If you still have any confusion while doing so, then let me know in the comment section below. I will help you as much as I can, you can also our contact page in order to let me know about your problem while checking your Friendi mobile balance via code.

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