How to Find or Know Your Jawwy Number?

Jawwy in Saudi Arabia by STC provides great offers and services. Their data plans are cheap and customer support is brilliant. However, they are not old enough to provide USSD code for things like showing numbers to find your mobile balance or data. Thus users do have difficulties while doing so. In this article, I will show the easy way to find your Jawwy phone number in KSA. So, let’s get started…

How to Know your Jawwy Number?

There are two methods in order to know or find your Jawwy sim card number. Doesn’t if it is a physical or an eSIM card. But they did provide any USSD code or SMS procedure for knowing your sim card number while on the Jawwy network in KSA.

For your information, a Jawwy sims ard depends and runs only with their official application. to know your number or find it, you will need to download and install the official Jawwy application on your phone. Then log in or open it up and go to its More section, there you will find your number.

Alternatively, you can visit their customer support page. Then there are three ways to contact them and ask them to show you your Jawwy sim card number.

On their support page, you can either chat with them directly, go to their FB Messenger page, or Tweet like @Jawwy and ask them to show you your number. They will reach you in a couple of minutes and may ask for your Iqama ID number. Just provide them with the Iqama ID number and they will send your mobile number in no time.

Moreover, if you think they are unreliable and you don’t like them, simply go ahead and block your Jawwy sim card. But if you are a social media lover and a user who internet on daily basis and wants access to unlimited YouTube usage. Then Jawwy is the best choice for you.

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