How to Raise and Request a Complaint Status on Zain SA

Zain is a leading telecom services provider in Saudi Arabia. However, they provided unlimited internet plans and other call packages. Thus you may have a question in your mind or a complaint about one of their services sometimes. That is why you are here. In this guide, I will show you the easy way to raise a complaint on Zain services online or offline. After that, I will also show you how to easily request the status of your submitted request online. So let’s get started…

Raise a complaint on Zain in KSA

For any type of complaint, you can call 959 and talk to their customer to register your complaint. They will send you a request number. Once your complaint submission is successful you can then call 959 and provide them with your request number to track your complaint.

Alternatively, you can dial 0590000959 24/7 to raise a complaint. You can also visit any of the nearest branches and the representative to submit your complaint. Don’t forget to reference or request a number. Moreover, you can visit the official Zain complaint page to submit your complaint online.

But submitting your complaint online then visit their complaint request page and enter your phone number to get the request number. This will help you in the future to know the status of it.

submit and track a complaint on Zain KSA
submit and track a complaint on Zain KSA

Request the Status of your Raised Complaint on Zain

There are three methods to track or check the status of your raised complaint. To do so please follow these steps:

The 1st and easiest way to check the status of your complaint is to visit the Zain complaint request page. Then enter your reference or request number. You will get an SMS with the status of your complaint online. Moreover, you can dial 959 or 0590000959, and ask them if you wanna get the status of your complaint, they will tell you or send you the status via SMS.

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