How to Recharge Jawwy Balance Using Sawa Vouchers

As you know Jawwy is an extension of the STC Sawa network in the Kingdom. You can use STC Sawa vouchers both top-up cards and electronic to recharge your main account balance. However, you can do this using the official Jawwy application, which is available for all devices in the Play Store, Apps Store, and App Gallery.

In this article, I am going to show you the easy steps to recharge or top up your Jawwy account balance using Sawa electronic vouchers or recharge cards. So, let’s get started…

Recharge Jawwy Balance Using Sawa Vouchers

There are two methods to do so. You can use a USSD code or the Jawwy application to top up your account balance. However, before you proceed to the steps mentioned below, make sure that you are using the latest Jawwy app on your smartphone. Also, scratch your voucher card or note your electronic voucher number. Then, follow these steps:

Method #1: Using the Jawwy App

Open the Jawwy app. Tap the Recharge button at the bottom. Select Sawa Voucher, enter the card/voucher number, and tap the confirm option. Now you will get a notification “Successful Recharge” on your device.

You can check your updated balance in the Dashboard. However, if you are not familiar with their application or don’t use a smartphone at all. You can use their USSD code to recharge your main account balance. Here is how to do that…

Method #2: Using the Jawwy Recharge Code

This is the recommended method and all users can do the same for a quick balance top-up. Also, it doesn’t require the internet or their app. To recharge your Jawwy balance use a Sawa voucher. Please follow these simple steps to quickly load your balance:

  1. Open the dial pad on your device.
  2. Dial this code *155*hidden voucher/card number#.
  3. Tap the call button.
  4. You will get a success message in the next few seconds.

Keep in mind that VAT 15% is applied when you top up your account balance. However, if you get an error message, make sure to try again with the correct hidden card number. Also, don’t try too many times, give it 5 to 10 minutes then try again.

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