How to Unsubscribe Mobily Social Packages (Codes)

Mobily has a lot of internet data, calls, and social media plans. All these are pretty affordable and you can activate them effortlessly. However, you may wanna deactivate any of the data and social packages. Well, it’s your good luck. Because Mobily in KSA allows customers to easily unsubscribe to any social media package they want. Especially the very popular ones e.g SAR 4, 30, 20, 10, 12, 60, and even the unlimited social 39 packs. I will show you the easy code to deactivate these plans. So, let’s get started…

Unsubscribe Mobily Social Packages

All Mobily users who have subscribed to any social media package for WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and YouTube, can deactivate the plan easily. All you need is to compose a new text message, type 54444, and send it to 1100. Also SMS to 1100 with “0440” for daily, “0440” for weekly, and “0440” for monthly social packages deactivation. Mobily will now send you an SMS that you have successfully deactivated the social package.

Mobily Social PackageDeactivation Code
Unlimited Daily Social SMS "0440" to 1100
Unlimited Weekly Social SMS "0440" to 1100
Unlimited Monthly Social SMS "0440" to 1100
Mobily SAR 39 Social Package SMS "54444" to 1100

Alternative Method to Deactivate Mobily Social Packages

Alternatively, you can unsubscribe from all Mobily packages including the Social Media Packages using the official Mobily App. Simply install the Mobily SA app and log in to your account via your Mobily number. Then look at the Dashboard, you will see all the active social packages listed there. Tap the package and unsubscribe it using the button.

Moreover, if you don’t wanna follow or having issues while any of the above methods. I mean while deactivating the Mobily social package. Then call 1100 and talk to a customer care representative. Humbly request him/her to deactivate the active social media package on your Mobily line. They will do it for you in a few seconds.

For your information, if you want to reactivate the package in the near future. You can activate it, but it will cost you SAR 39 as a subscription fee and renewal fee. Also, if you wanna access social media sites using your Mobile data, then it will cost you extra money.

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  1. Noime says

    Please help me unsubscribe to this 616234
    It has no unsubscribe option, only subscribe.

    I wanted to unsubscribe because it automatically deducts .66 SAR or sometimes 1.5 SAR per day.

    Thank you.

    1. shams says

      What is the service name you are using? If you can tell the name of the service, I will help you deactivate it.

  2. Jawad asghar says

    Please can u deactivate all subscription on my mobily sim i dont want any subscription i think its content subscription is activated please deactivate all subscriotion on my line 0***269112

    1. shams says

      Use the Mobily app to cancel any active package in your Dashboard. Or use the above provided cancellation codes.

  3. Usama says

    Please can you deactivate all subscription on my mobile sim I don’t want any subscription daily monthly any one

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