Huroob Expats Banned from Re-entering into KSA

Saudi Jawazat has announced that any expatriate who has been reported Huroob can no longer enter the Kingdom. They are completely banned and shall never come back to Suadi Arabia. However, there are huge fines against them.

For your information, all the Huroob expatriates shall pay SAR 50,000 fine and face jail. Moreover, they are completely restricted from re-entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They will face 6 months of jail if the police catch them.

Saudi Jawazat also stated that none of the employer or sponsor or Kafeel can now cancel the Huroob once it has been issued. However, if they are very serious and wanna remove the Huroob. The sponsor should visit the Saudi Jawazat office physically within 15 working days to submit a cancellation request. Yet, Jawazat will decide either to remove it or not.

There is more information, bad news and companies, and employer too. If Jawazat finds any expatriate working in a Kafeel or company, they will pay SAR 100,000 fine. They stated that no one has the right to accommodate or facilitate any illegal expatriate.

The also mentioned that companies and sponsors will penalize and they will no longer be able to get more visas and similar facilities. They are up to 100 percent strict against illegal expatriates, and they should be.

However, there is other bad news for sponsors and employers too. It is to inform you that, you have guys don’t have any right to misuse the power of Huroob against their employees. If any of the Huroob issued by a sponsor has reported and declared as misused one. The sponsor should be penalized. It is reported by MOL (Ministry of Labor).

None of the Kafeel or sponsor or company has the right to play with their employees future. They should be fair enough to pay them on time and has to be good with them as much as they can. It is a great step by the Saudi government.

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