Indian Embassy Notice to Expats in KSA for Passport Services

Due to the partial pandemic curfew in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Indian Embassy has announced that they are about to open the Embassy services. However, the Saudi authorities have denied it. Thus they are still open to urgent passport and related services. So that the Indians can submit an application for the passport and related urgent service due to coronavirus pandemic.

Indian Embassy Notice to Indians in KSA

Now it’s easy for an application to submit their application for such service in the Embassy of Riyadh. The process has just been started today as of the 5th of May 2020. So if you are the one really need to the passport renewal and similar urgent service from the Embassy of Riyadh then its time to submit your application for the service.

This is to remember that the Indian Embassy in Audi Arabi in Riyadh is taking precautions due to the pandemic. They are following every single rule as instructed by the government. Such as they each application in the Embassy will keep the social distancing, and other but the above rules to be followed while visiting in the Embassy of Riyadh. Read also 26 and counting Nepalis are Infected in Saudi Arabia.

These rules are not just for the applicants who need passport related urgent services. But also the staff is including. However, each person the Embassy should follow the below rules:

1 – For all the passport related services priority will be given applications really need to urgent service. Other than that the applicant won’t be entertained.

2 – You will first book an appointment and explain the reason. Their call number 920006139 and email address are available to entertain while gives you the instruction as well.

3 – Once your application is approved then you can visit the Embassy, another word you cannot there is no space for you. So keep thins mind before the Embassy of Riyadh.

4 – The Embassy of Riyadd is open from 10 AM to 2 PM from Sunday to Thursday only. Notice the and once your application is approved then visit while keeping time in the mind.

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