Jawwy Customer Care Number, & Live Chat Support

STC has introduced Jawwy for more user convenience. This offers amazing internet data and Sim packages. Recently they have launched their Jawwy sim 70 with great features. They offer great support to their customers and there is not just one way to get support from the team.

Jawwy Customer Care Number

As of now, there is no official customer care number from Jawwy in Saudi Arabia. However, it is an STC service and you can call 959 and get more information about a Jawwy sim or the need query. They offer great customer support via their online chat service and you can get in touch via their Twitter account or Facebook Messenger app.

Jawwy Live Chat Support

Jawwy can give you amazing support via its official live chat section. Simply visit their support and click the Live Chat button. Once a representative receives your request they can provide you with answers to your desired query or questions. Thus you may find them all busy, so try after a while. However, you can use the FB Messenger chat option instead.

Jawwy FB MessengerSupport

Jawwy answers thousands of customers via their Facebook Messenger chat. Their customer care services and their representative are online and available 24/7 to get you great support anytime you want. Visit their official support page and click the FB Messenger MESSAGE US button. Then leave them a message once you receive your desired query or question, and they will get back to you shortly with an accurate answer.

Get Support via Twitter

If you are not getting what you want use their live chat or FB Messenger chat support. Then try tweeting from your Twitter account just mention @Jawwy in your tweet and once they see your tweet, they will get back to you as soon as they can.

Jawwy support in KSA
Jawwy support in KSA

So these are all the available methods you may want to know to contact Jawwy for assistance. If you have any questions while contacting Jawwy, let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. 0556359721 says

    My name ghulam abbas muhammad Aslam I want to block may jawwy number 0533184208

  2. Gulam mujtaba says

    My name gulam mujtaba I want to block my jawwy number

    1. shams says

      You can do it via the Jawwy app or their official website. You can also talk to their support to cancel your sim card.

  3. Waseem says

    How jawwy convert to sawa sts

    1. shams says

      To convert your STC sim card to Jawwy, visit the nearest STC outlet or franchise.

    2. Siraj says

      Dear sir I lost my sim I want get re sim how can I get same number

      1. Siraj says

        But I purchased SIM card in my passport nmbr not in IQAMA nmbr

  4. inshaf says

    My sim service is interuppted.

  5. Abdul haq says

    Ineed sim jawwy

    1. shams says

      You can order one by visiting the official Jawwy online portal.

      1. Eric areta says

        How to stop of deducting in my balance? Pls help me. thy deducting 7sr on my balance until it come below 7sr.

  6. md nurul islam says

    how to active call wating

  7. Dex says

    Hi jawwy… I subscribed a wrong bundle of subscription instead of 70sr I got 75sr … how can I change and maintain my subscription monthly automatically 70sr… I’m a new user of jawwy by the way it’s just my 2nd month … thanks and i hope for your help response have a nice day

  8. Muhammad Nadeem Tahir says

    I was out of Saudi Arabia since 15 Jan 2021.
    Now I am back in Saudi Arabia but my jawwy sim is blocked,no signals no network,
    Please give me the idea that how to reactivate my sim card.
    Muhammad Nadeem Tahir

    1. shams says

      Chat with them and ask them to send a new sim card with your existing phone number. This is the only thing you can do. Also try to visit the STC office if possible.

  9. Gireesh Me on says

    I was out of KSA from 8 months, I will be coming back on August 20. Presently my sim is not active. I would like to active my sim for tawakkalana updation. Kindly help me.

    1. shams says

      Please PM me.

  10. Ali says


  11. Jawad says

    Dear sir I have jawwy sim but my jawwy sim not working not network coming

  12. Faiyum says

    I want update my phone number with IQAMA NUMBER. I visit near jubail office no response and no respect


    How to unblock my sim
    I mistake le block my sim

  14. SHABBIR AHMED says

    my Net Data is not working. every month I recharge for S.R. 34.50. I get local calls to and fro. But, Data for social media not working.

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