Jawwy Roaming Activation and Packages KSA

You don’t need to worry about roaming activation and offers while using the Jawwy Sim card in KSA. Because Jawwy gives you the perfect solution when you visit other countries from the Kingdom. You can enjoy weekly plans for an affordable price, enough internet data, and track your usage on the go. I am gonna show you the complete details below…

How to Activate Roaming on Jawwy Sim?

You don’t need to activate Jawwy roaming and it is active by default on your sim card. All you need is to activate a roaming plan and you are good to go. The roaming services will be initiated immediately on your sim card. As per Jawwy, it is a worry-free activation, and you don’t need to visit their customer care office or call them.

Jawwy Roaming Packages

There are three packages (passes) available for Jawwy customers. 1GB for 7 days, 10GB for 7 days, and 30 GB for 7 days, you can activate any of them using the Jawwy app. However, didn’t mention the prices for these roaming plans anywhere on their website. You can choose one in the Jawwy app, check the price, and activate it.

How to Check Jawwy Usage?

Once you activate a Jawwy roaming package, you will get instant updates notification via the Jawwy app that how much data, minutes, and SMS you have left. Alternatively, you can open the Jawwy app, go to the My Plan, and your remaining roaming data, minutes, and SMS will show up there.

I would say, Jawwy is an amazing service offered by STC. It is Worry Free, Ready to Use, and Easy to Track your Usage on the Sim card via the Jawwy application. If you need more information, get their customer support and comment below for instant help. Feel free to ask your questions.

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