Jawwy SIM 100 Big Data, Social, Unlimited Calls [NEW]

Jawwy is an STC brand that has introduced another cool package. The new sim 100 with big data offer. It’s affordable, easy to activate, and has tons of features. You can enjoy unlimited calls, internet data, and social media allowance for free. So you can enjoy more national data for movies, and music and explore your websites as well as online stores. Anyways. let’s explore the full details for the new Jawwy SIM below…

Jawwy SIM 100

The new Jawwy SIM card comes with 25GB of internet data, along with 30GB of social data and 1500 national calls that never end. The validity of the new SIM card is 30 days. However, you can extend its validity by getting a new plan. The best thing is that this promotion won’t get expired, which means you can get the SIM anytime you want, there is no rush.


The total cost of the Jawwy sim card 100 is SAR 115 and it’s not VAT inclusive. Moreover, it’s available in both physical and eSIM card variants. You can shop one line from the Jawwy online store or just visit the nearest Jawwy or STC store. Here is what you will get with the SIM 100: This plan is available under the Deals tab in the Jawwy app.

Data, Social Data, and Minutes

You will get 25GB of internet, unlimited minutes, and national calls. Also 30GB of social data for Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and YouTube. All these resources are valid for 30 days, and won’t be added to next month’s package. So you must consume everything before its expiration date.

Other Information

You can share the 2GB data and 30GB of social data but you can’t share the resources of the unlimited call with your other numbers or subscribers. As you can get a plan without having any base plan, it’s not necessary to have one to get the Jawwy SIM 100. Moreover, if you have two active plans, the data from the one will be used first which will expire soon.

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