Jawwy SIM 70 with 10GB Plus 10GB Social Data

So there is a new offer Jawwy Sim card offer with extra features. The new Jawwy 70 sim is now available for order. And this time, there is more you can get as comparing this plan with others. You can have 10GB of internet data plus 10GB free social data and even more. So let’s just explore the full features of the sim card below.

Jawwy 70 Sim Card Price and Features

You can order a new sim card available in Saudi Arabia called Jawwy 70. There are tons of features. However, the price is only SAR 80, and it’s inclusive of VAT. If you wanna get it, then hurry because this is a limited time offer. Moreover here are all the features of the Jawawy 70 sim card.

  • The price is SAR 80.5 VAT inclusiave.
  • 10GB internet data locally.
  • 10GB social media data.
  • 500 national minutes, you can use these for calling locally.
  • There is unlimited WiFi usage.
  • You can choose to order a physical or eSIM card.
  • The validity is 30 days only.

For a physical sim card, there is no need to activate it. But for an eSIM, you need to download and install the Jawwy application available on Android and iOS Devices. Thus a valid national ID or Iqama ID is a major requirement before ordering.

You can easily recharge the line via Jawwy application or using any Sawa voucher in the Kignomdo Saudi Arabia. For your information, if you need an SMS feature, it can cost you 25 Halala per SMS to all numbers in Saudi Arabia.

Important note: if you are calling internationally, you will need to 9200 before calling. However, there is no offer for calling internationally and even not included in the flexible and combo plans. Thus each international call will cost you extra charges as per as pay as you go. If you need any other information for Jawwy sim card 70, let me know in the comment section below.

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