KSA and UAE Launching Joint Visa Soon

A couple of days ago in United Arab Emirates (UAE), The Ministry of Economy Sultan Al Mansoori has an announcement. It is all about the new joint visa for both countries Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. They are working on it to be available for each individual who wants to visit KSA in UAE.

2020 is the year we all will have the option to choose a joint or single visa. Each visitor who is working in Saudi Arabia can then easily visit UAE as well without any worries.

Both UAE and Saudi officials stated that the process is almost done and gonna release the visa soon. However, there is still some regulation we are working on for the final announcement.

For your information, the joint visa will help boost both KSA and UAE economy. It will increase tours, business arrivals, goods transport and much more. Moreover, as of now, there is a very less amount of air services between these two countries. However, this will also increase flight and air services for the good.

There are international companies in both countries. There are workers and businessmen. They will start getting this visa and will have the benefit of their ease. Yet, Saudi and UEA will immediately start growing their economy with this useful service.

Coordination, economy, strong relationship and better coordination will take place in these countries. It is a good sign for both UAE and SA. So we are hope so to see the joint visa of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates soon.

This is a very good step toward improvements and coordination. It is good for all of us expatriates and officials. All we have to do is wait and let the joint visa to be released as soon as possible. What do you think about this coordination, let me know the comments?

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