KSA To End Sponsorship System Soon

Saudi Arabia is about to eliminate the sponsorship or Kafeel system in KSA soon. The Kafala also knows the sponsorship system is gonna end soon in KSA. It has been published in the Saudi Gazette and Al Arabia News websites and sourced the news as unknown.

Saudi Kafala or Sponsorship System

When Saudi Arabia discovered oil in the Kingdom they started hiring more expatriates for quick developement in 1950. At that time such a system took place and its has been getting more disaster for expatriates in the Kingdom.

Why I am mentioning this because not all of the Saudi people have good people. Though they are asking expatriates for more on the time of the Iqama renewal and related stuff.

However, as per the Kafala system, expatriates to obey the order of the Kafeel no matter what. On the other, there were some good things also. The visa responsibility and its renewal etc on the employer or kafeel.

As per the new system, the employer and employee will have limited between such a relationship. I think you are getting my point. This is especially for domestic workers and in the construction field.

Expatriates will have the freedom of moving and working around in KSA. They won’t need any approval for changing the sponsorship and moving to other places, the ending of the Kafala system means the free of the expatriates.

There will be no burden on them, though they will be responsible for own visa renewal and iqama renewal and related things. As per the Saudi Vision 2030, this is a unique step towards the Kingdom’s improvement and independence from oil revenue.

Other GCC countries including KSA have the system for now. I don’t know and not sure that they will implement such changes, however, Saudi may do this in the near future. Thanks to Saudi Arabia for the freedom of the Expatriates.

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