Mobily Multi 3 SIM Offer Price, Rules & Commands

Mobily is the only telecom provider that offers multi 3 sim offer to its customers in Saud Arabia. If you wanna know the price, details like who is eligible and who can activate, and how to subscribe, or wanna know the commands. Then you here are at the right place to know all this information. Well, let’s get started…

What is the Mobily 3 Sim Offer?

Mobily in Saudi Arabia offers three different sim cards under your main sim or number. These are the multiple number or SIMs under your main number, allowing users to share your data and other resources across different devices at the same time.

Multi SIMS Features

  • All postpaid users can get up to 3* SIMs including your original SIM number in KSA.
  • You are allowed to use those numbers on your Mobile, Tablet, router…etc.
  • Share your internet data across devices.
  • You can activate only sim card to services messages.
  • Easily change the voice SIM by dialing the USSD code *200# from your main sim card.

Who can subscribe or eligible?

All postpaid 300, 400, and RAQI Mobily SIM customers are allowed and eligible for using the 3 sims card under their main one. You can easily activate the 3 sim card offer or these sims by following the below simple procedure.

How to subscribe to the 3 Sim Offer?

There is no way or method available for anyone to activate the offer online or via an SMS or USSD code. Thus the only available method to activate or subscribe to the multi 3 sim offer is to visit any Mobily outlet near you.

Mobily Multi 3 SIM Code

There are different USSD codes for managing your sim cards. To activate a sim number for calls and SMS dial *200#. However, to activate any of the three sim cards for SMS and calls remotely then dial *200*sim 1, 2, or 3 number#. While identifying a sim card then dial **200#. Moreover, to identify the active voice call sim card then dial *#200#.

Mobily 3 SIM Offer Price

For your information, the single-time setup fee for these sim cards is SAR 10 only for each sim card for postpaid 300 and 400 package users. However, the monthly fee is SAR 10 also for each sim card. Moreover, if you are a RAQI package user then there are no fees, everything you get is free of cost.

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