How to Make Free Calls on Mobily (Collect Call)

If you don’t have enough balance, don’t even have a call package, or already got the loan too. Then you may think about how to call for free to other Mobily numbers in Saudi Arabia. Well, you are in luck, Mobily allows their customer to make a free call while the recipient of the call will pay the charges. There is some information you need to keep in mind. Well, let’s talk about it.

What is Mobily Collect Call (Khaliha Alia) Service?

With Mobily Collect Call services enabled, you can make calls while the recipient of the call will pay its charges. In short, you can make free and unlimited calls without paying for them. This means, no credit, nor a call package, no problem, use the Mobily Collect Call service. Its another name is “Khaliha Alia”.

If you don’t want to use the “Khaliha Alia” service, then Kalemni is the best choice for you to send free messages as Please Call Me.

Mobily Collect Call Price/Tariffs

If the recipient of the call has a package, the charges will be deducted as per that package. If there is not a package or plans activated on the recipient side, then regular call rates will apply. Moreover, keep in mind that each price per call will also be subject to VAT.

How to Use Mobily Collect Call Service

To make a free call use Mobily Collect Call Service. You don’t need to activate any package or request settings. All you need are these instructions:

Dial *9 before any Mobily number and press the call button. For example, *905XXXXXXXX and call. The recipient will be asked to receive the call “as he/she will pay the charges”. Once he confirms, you will call will be connected and you can enjoy free calls on the Mobily network in KSA.

Alternatively, you can dial *1100# and press the call button. Then go to My Services, Other Services, and select Collect Call. Now you will be asked to enter the recipient number.

If the call is too urgent and the recipient does not receive the call as he/she will need to pay then get a Mobily emergency loan and make calls.

Note that you can only call the Mobily number by using the Collect Call services. You are not allowed to call a non-Mobily number to make free calls using the “Khalifa Alia” service. This is only the condition for the Collect Call service.

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