Mobily Free Access To Government Apps in KSA

Mobily lets you choose from a variety of packages, both for prepaid and postpaid customers. However, if you have an active internet package or a desired pack with fewer data. You don’t need to worry about using the government of Saudi Arabia apps. Because Mobily now lets you enjoy free access and usage of government apps. To know the complete, please stay here and keep reading…

Government Apps Free Usage on Mobily

This is a very great step from Mobily. They now let you use access government apps for free with no data cost. In short, Mobily and Zain networks in Saudi Arabia won’t charge you for data while browsing government apps.

Even if you don’t have a balance, there is no need to get a loan from Mobily or ask any of your friends to share the balance with you. Simply open any government apps you want for free, with no data charges (free usage). Here is the list of the government apps you can use for free on the Mobily network in KSA:

  • MOI Absher.
  • MOL.
  • MOH – Ministry of Health.
  • GDCD – General Director of Civil Defence.
  • PSD – Public Security Department.
  • CA – Citizen Account.
  • SRCA – Saudi Red Crescent Authority.
  • Qiyas.

So if you have a few MBs remaining on your Mobily network in Saudi Arabia and want to open government apps, but are worried about your data. Then don’t, now it’s completely free to use any of the apps. For your information, if you are a Mobily prepaid or postpaid user, you won’t be charged for the data you have used to access any of the mentioned government websites or apps.

Thanks to Mobily for such a great step towards helping those who use internet data packages and their phone internet data at. If you are getting a data package for just browsing government apps, then don’t. Simply get the cheapest for a long duration. and enjoy free browsing of government apps. Moreover, this is not to download the apps, it’s just about the usage.

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