Mobily Free Please Call Me Service Code (Kalemni) KSA

Mobily offers great services for prepaid users. These offers included internet packages, getting loan balance, and much more. However, if you don’t enough credit and even you cannot get a loan. You can then use the free Mobily Kelemni service. The Kalemni service is for everyone who wants to send the free please call me back SMS. You are here for the procedure for how to send that free Mobily SMS for call me back. So, let get started…

How to Send Please Call Me SMS on Mobily for Free

The Kalemni service is free of cost and available to each Mobily user in the Kingdom. However, there are some limitations you need to know about. You are allowed to send only three SMS free please call me back SMS on Mobily. If you exceed this limit, there are charges. This is the only you need to keep in mind before doing so. However, is here is the procedure and code for sending free Please Call Me SMS on Mobily:

First of all dial *188# and press the call button. After that you need to enter that number you want to send the Please Call Me SMS. Then select the Send option and right after that, the recipient will get the SMS contains “Please Call Me” Kalemni Service by Mobily.

If you attempt to send more than three free SMS. Then Mobily will charge SAR 0.155 per SMS. However, these restrictions are only for 1 day. Meaning, you can only send 3 please call me back SMS in one day (24 hours). After 24 hours, you can send more three SMS.

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Moreover, if you are roaming while having a Moibly sim card active on your mobile. Then you can also send such SMS to anywhere in the world, the only things any of your current network in that country should support the * command. How is this service? Let us know in the comment below.

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