Mobily RAQI Package Complete Details in KSA

Mobily RAQi is the best plan for business owners and companies. You can have an elite customer possibility upon activating the RAQI Mobily package. Today in this guide, I will show you all the details including price, monthly charges, calls, SMS, and internet about this plan.

Mobily RAQI Package

If you want to go unlimited while using Mobily, the RAQi is the best solution for you. The plan has tons of possibilities. You can do more than you think. The monthly charges for the Raqi package are SAR 920 only. Now let’s explore its major features:

Once you activate the RAQi offer on your Mobily network. You will get unlimited internet data and calls to all networks including STC, Zain, Friendi, etc. There are no hidden charges and you have a lot going on talking with friends, family members, company employees, and more.

Moreover, you can get 2000 SMS free to all networks. This also included Sawa STC, Zain, Friend, etc. But if you exceed the available free SMS then regular charges apply.

Not just local but you can enjoy unlimited up to 200 free internet calling minutes for three months. It doesn’t matter which country you belong to, but you can call your loved ones with up to 200 free minutes to any network.

The internet usage in the RAQI package by Mobily is completely free and unlimited. Download your free movies, enjoy online games, and watch as much as you can on YouTube with Mobily RAQI offer. There is no limitation or fair usage. More plans at Mobily.

When we talk about roaming, then you have unlimited free receiving calls while the internet is also unlimited. There are no limitations to the internet while roaming with Mobily RAQI offers.

There are more, you can get up to 2 free SIMs for your desired usage. These SIMs are activated with Rannan and Rahati free services. You can enjoy lots of special offers with the Neqaty program and offer SIM cards to your family members.

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