Mobily Postpaid Unlimited Internet Package 2021

Mobily the 3rd largest and cheap internet services provider in Saudi Arabia. However, their network is strong enough to have millions of users across the Kingdom. Mobily is loyal to its customer, both prepaid and postpaid. The company provider plenty of useful data, call, and SMS plan even for postpaid users. Thus you are totally independent to go unlimited with social media and regular data packages.

Today, I will show the best and only postpaid package with unlimited internet data on the Mobily network. It’s pretty affordable and you will enjoy the best speed and connectivity ever. Note that, it’s only for customers who wanna get a data sim card with unlimited data access to the internet.

Mobily Unlimited Postpaid Data Package

As of now on the Mobily network in KSA, there is only two sim card for users desire data usage. The one is an unlimited postpaid data sim and the other is a postpaid data sim card with only 100GB of data.  However, the 100GB one is for those who cannot afford the unlimited one. Anyways, let explore these postpaid data bundles:

Postpaid Unlimited Data Plan

You can enjoy a fast internet connection on the Mobily network in KSA. Get unlimited access to the internet at a very reasonable price. For a very low price of 373.75 SAR, get unlimited data for 30 days (1 month). The package setup fee is only SAR 57.50 once. For your information, the price above is VAT 5% inclusive. In short, you don’t need to pay VAT for the above price.

Moreover, if you cannot afford to have unlimited data for 1 month. Then you should consider activating the following package, it’s affordable, with enough data. Have a look at the following details…

100GB data Postpaid Package

You can get 100GB of postpaid data for 1 month for just SAR 184. The setup fee for 100GB data is only SAR 57.50 while the price for the whole package is VAT inclusive. This means you won’t need to pay them an extra 5% of the above package.

For both the unlimited and 100GB data sim card, you will need to visit the nearest Mobily outlet, distributers, or their official online portal. Moreover, these plans are only for postpaid users. Don’t forget to keep tracking your 100GB data to avoid extra charges on the Mobily network.

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