Mobily Unlimited UBER & Google Maps (Mashawir)

Mobily keeps all its customers happy by offering them the package they want. Even there are packages for drivers and those who love to travel in Saudi Arabia to different places. Yes, I am talking about the Mobily Mashawir Service.

The Mashawir services allow you to get unlimited internet data access to Google Maps and Uber taxis for a whole at an affordable price. Today, I will show you the package details with prices, activation codes, and related information for the Mobily Mashawir pack. So, let’s explore the packages…

Mobily Unlimited Uber and Google Maps Pack

This amazing service allows you to enjoy unlimited internet data for Uber and Google Maps only. This means, once you activate the service, doesn’t matter if you don’t have other data plans or balance.

You can still use the Google Maps and Uber apps on your device with your Mobily number. There are two variants of the package, one is allowed to you auto-renew the plan automatically upon its expiry date. While the other is just for one month, and if you need the package for another then you will need to reactivate it. Now, here are the details of the Mobily Mashawir Service (Package):

PackageYou getPriceValidityActivation codeDeactivation code
Mobily Mashawir for with No auto renewal Unlimited Google Maps and Uber app usage SAR 30 1 Month Send 8294 to 1100 or dial *8294# Auto deactivation after 1 month
Mobily Mashawir monthly with auto renewal Unlimited Google Maps and Uber app usage SAR 30 1 Month Send 8299 to 1100 or dial *8299# Send 58299 to 1100
or dial *5829#

Mobily Mashawir Service with No Auto-Renewal

For SAR 30 per month, you can activate the Mobily unlimited Uber and Google Maps packages. The activation code is to dial *8294# and press the call button or send 8294 to 1100 in SMS. Don’t worry about deactivation, the package will be deactivated automatically after 1 month.

Mobily Mashawir Service with Auto-Renewal

If you want unlimited Google Maps and Uber app usage for each on the Mobily network then you should go and activate the Mashawir package with auto-renewal enabled.

For SAR 30 only, get unlimited Uber and Google Maps for 30 days with auto-renewal. To get the package dial this code *8299# or send “8299” in an SMS to 1100. Upon successful Mashawir service activation, you will receive a confirmation message from Mobily. If you wanna deactivate the service, you can do it anytime using this code *5829# or send 58299 to 100 in an SMS. The service will be deactivated immediately.

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