MOH Launched New Website for COVID Awareness

The MOH also called The Ministry of Health in Audi Arabia launched a new website for awareness of the coronavirus. The aim of the website is aware of the people how it could take lives and how to protect yourself from it. It’s all about to prevent the Kingdom of Saud Arabia from the pandemic.

COVID Awareness Website by MOH in KSA

As the new website from MOH has the precautionary measure to prevent yourself from COIVD-19 in the Kingdom and all over the world. Everything is well explained there and each health-related information there available to the public.

The website will also show the current going cases of coronavirus in the Kingdom, daily fresh statistics. This is including new cases, old cases, recovered, and the number of infections as well. The site is able to publish content on social media as there are new cases and thus they will aware people from it. Read also Zain New Huawei P40 Pro 5G Offer Saudi Arabia.

They are gonna publish all the information there on Social Media as well. As I mentioned this is all for public awareness. So that they could take and save their lives in this bad pandemic situation. The site is visible worldwide, so each Saudi citizens and Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia can visit and see what is going on. Also, they can note in front of there in order to protect themselves in such a situation.

This way the society in the Kingdom will know each precaution measure they can take. Also, they will know how they can protect themselves. Moreover, each safety and health-related information is there to take benefits from. You can visit the website by simply entering this web address in your web browser.

A wide variety of topics are available there. For example, you can learn about COVID, its symptoms, modes of transmissions, prevention methods, and guidance documents. This information is to help and aware of you for your safety and the public around you, thanks to the government of Saudi Arabia.

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