MOI Penalties for Violating COVID-19 Measures

The Ministry of Interior announces some strict rules. These are applied to stop the spread of the pandemic in the Kingdom. However, there are penalties for those who violate the rules and measures of precaution by the government. This is to fight against the coronavirus pandemic and for the health of the citizens.

Rules and Penalties for Violating COVID-19 Measures by MOI

The government may take struck action whoever violates the coronavirus safety measures in the Kingdom o, Saudi Arabia. Because Saudi Arabia is about and is comparing this pandemic over months. However, the results are getting words day by day. That is why they are implementing some rules to prevent the spread.

  1. A company or workers of the private sector who violate the safety measure of the pandemic. Then the person or the company will need to pay SAR 1000 to SAR 10,000. Also 1 month and more jail for up to 1 year.
  2. There is permission to take when you go outside ith instruction. If you don’t follow any of that instruction then there is a penalty of SAR 10,000 up to 100,000 and a month or a year jail.
  3. If during the isolation or quarantine whoever violates the rules of that. Then they will need to pay SAR 200,000 penalty and also 2 years of jail. However, if anyone who repeats the same thing then the penalty and jail duration is double.
  4. Once the government has identified that you are spreading the pandemic here and there and you are the one because someone has infected. Then the fine is SAR 500,000 as well as five years of jail. Repeating the violation may cause a double penalty and jail duration.
  5. Moving around in the Kingdom without the permit can cause you 10,000 SAR penalty and 1-year jail. However, if you have captured while repeating the same thing again they will charge you double, in short, you need to pay SAR 20,000 then.

So this is the case where we can suggest you stay home to say safe from the pandemic and penalties by MOI. However, if there is necessary work you need to do then follow every single measure to get outside. Read also 26 more Nepalis are Infected in Saudi Arabia.

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