MOL Approved Bad Behavior Control at Work in KSA

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development in Saudi Arabia has approved bad behavior control at work. It was announced back in 2019 but updated in 2020. However, the resolution has been already started. Meaning, from 2019, action will be taken against bad behavior at work.

MOL Approved Bad Behavior Control at Work

The main aim behind approving the rules is to stop such awkward behaviors in working areas. This included offices, worksite, and all locations in the Kingdom if somewhere is an ongoing work. This is all to protect work privacy in workplaces, and provide individual freedom the labor in the great Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The news back reported in SPA also know as Saudi Press Agency.

They have approved the rules in order to protected and improve the work environment in KSA. However, this is all to make job holders or workers preserve their rights in the working areas. Read also: KSA to Resume Domestic Tourism from Today.

For your information, it does not just rule, but apart from the law in MOL. This way they stop fighting in work areas, nobody will miss behaving with each other. Thus it will reduce fights between labor and make working sites work-friendly.

It was not a sudden decision and approval. There are great efforts behind such approval. They identify such things first, then took the decision and approved the rules with the help of specialists. The efforts including, specialists ‘ hard work, guidelines investigations, and preventive measures.

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