New Curfew Rules in Jeddah Neighborhood KSA

Again there are new rules of curfew in Saudi Arabia. The curfew will last every 24 hours in some neighborhood areas of the Jeddah city. This new has been introduced by the Ministry of Interior official (MOI) in Saudi Arabia from 4th April 2020.

New Curfew Rules in Jeddah

It has been the 2nd day since the curfew is held in the Jeddah neighborhood. MOI ordered strict orders against visiting in 24 hours a day a week in those areas. Each person, it does not matter if you are a Saudi or an Expatriate. But you should take care and don’t visit any place in those areas.

The main reason behind this curfew in the below-mentioned areas is to stop the infection of the COVID-19. Because day by day the infection is getting worst. Because the number of D are increasing and MOI has implemented the rules. Their area mentioned is:

  • Petromim
  • Kilo 13
  • Ghulail
  • Al Qurayyat
  • Al Mahjar
  • Kilo 14 Noth and Kilo 14 South

These are strong orders by MOI (The Ministry of Interior). That getting out of your home from your home in the above-mentioned areas is perfectly against the rules. For your information it is no for 3 PM but each hour a day. I mean 24 hours each day a week. Read Coronavirus Spitter Penalty in Saudi Arabia.

The only allowed hours are 3 PM to 6 PM in the evening. Meaning you are only to get out from your home or apartment just in these mentioned hours. Also, you can only go shopping like grocery and medical care.

Before this, Makkah and Madian areas were held on the curfew for 24 hours. But their moment is clear and everything has back to their normal. Thus we all need to become united to stop and fight this D virus in the Kingdom.

Have a look at the above-mentioned tweet official yourself by MOI. This tweet is still there on their official page and you can read it whenever you want for your reference and get the full information.

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