[NEW] Jawwy 300GB for 3 Months Package

Jawwy from STC has just released a new package for prepaid users. All customers can get full benefits from this offer for 3 months. However, only users with eSIM-compatible devices are eligible to activate the offer. If you have an eSIM-compatible device, then you’re lucky. You can enjoy a lot of internet data and free minutes for national use. Now let me show the complete overview of the offer.

Jawwy 3 months Package [eSIM]

It’s the latest offer from Jawwy with tremendous resources and a pretty affordable price. Actually, for a cheap price of only SAR 345.00, you can enjoy 300GB of internet data with 3000 national minutes to all networks in the Kingdom. That is a very solid deal for 3 months.

At this point, you may already know that the validity of the package is three months only. You can also renew the package with the same price and validity for the same price. However, Jawwy has all the rights to update or change, which may increase the price.

For your information, you can activate the package using the official Jawwy application. However, it is mandatory to have an Active Absher account to activate your eSIM card. If you have just bought an eSIM card and don’t know the activation process, this guide for eSIM activation with definitely help.

Furthermore, you can send and receive messages on your eSIM card from Jawwy. However, the price to send SMS is SAR 0.25/SMS. Moreover, each call you will make to 9200 numbers is included in the 3000 free national you’ve got in the package. In short, you can make calls to 92000 at no extra cost to you.

Last but not least, once the available resources are finished. You can use re-activate the package or the PAYG will be applied (Pay As You Go). Thus if you don’t have free minutes and wanna call to 9200 numbers, then you will need to get the PayGo credit from Jawwy using the official Jawwy app.

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